Video Production

A/V Coordinator
John Van Pelt
Fax: 817-257-5913

Video Production: Audio/Video Production: The audio/video element to Media Production provides a variety of resources for faculty and staff use. Services include on-campus field recording and light editing of those recordings.

Field Production: We provide production equipment and operators for the recording of class presentations, guest speakers, seminars, workshops, performances and other special events on campus.

Video Editing: Editing services vary greatly. We are able to edit footage that is brought to us even if we did not record it, as long as it is not copyright protected. We will also edit footage of what we film before we deliver the final product. Standard editing includes removing excess footage, adding audio and video fade ins and fade outs and cleaning up audio as necessary.

Media Duplication and Conversion:Our facility is equipped to duplicate DVDs, and convert a variety of digital file types to other digital file types. Although we are not able to digitize physical media such as VHS tapes, Mini DV tapes, and audio cassettes, we are happy to make recommendations and offer resources to help meet your digitization needs.

* Checkout/delivery of equipment (if necessary) is handled through CIS Classroom Support.

Property and Residual Rights

It is ordinarily assumed that all duplication and dissemination rights to materials produced by the Center for Instructional Services are held by Texas Christian University unless a negotiated agreement specifies otherwise. Any materials to be sold, rented or used in a product (book, videotape, etc.) for which royalties will be received cannot be used without a written agreement.

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